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    Who Runs Toronto Ribfest?

    Volunteers do!

    The members of Rotary Etobicoke plan and implement the annual event as our primary fundraiser so that we can help over 100 community organizations and hundreds of young people. We are supported by other Rotarians, and key volunteer leads. 100% of all net funds received are given to worthy community and international efforts. (Rotary keeps 0%!).

    Our team is supplemented by many others - local high school students, staff from the organizations we support, local community members, local corporations, and others. It's fun and rewarding.

    Thank you to everyone who helps and volunteers their time!

    Festival Location

    Ribfest HOTELS! Find your place to stay.

    The festival is in the WEST end of Toronto, near the borders of Mississauga and Brampton off of Renforth Dr. between Eglinton and Rathburn Rd.

    It's in Centennial Park on the east side of the big ski hill. The address is 256 Centennial Park Rd.

    Parking is available on local streets and parking lots - plus there is a large area just for Ribfest parking on the Hollycrest School yard.

Rotary Etobicoke

If you are interested in Rotary and potentially becoming a member of this club and Rotary International; ROTARY ETOBICOKE meets Wednesday at noon most weeks, but in the evening once a month. We are a very active club - first raising $350K+ through Toronto Ribfest, and then spending it all!

Anyone with a passion for service can find their "calling" within Rotary. We have members who also are building a school in Liberia, who develop programs for at risk youth in Etobicoke, who run business workshops for young entrepreneurs in Etobicoke, and much, much more - because that's what they are passionate about and Rotary helps make that happen.

Visit the website for more information or contact President, Jack Fleming at

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