Reaffirm. Take the Oath.
Stand together for Canada.

Everyone! is invited to take the Oath of Citizenship together as we reaffirm our commitment to Canada (perhaps for the first time!); enjoy great music; meet Canadian heroes; and, be among thousands creating a memory of national pride while celebrating the best darn country on earth.

Community Organizations! Rotary wants to thank you for your hard work in building a better country and community. Sign up for the event and be recognized from the stage with your peers on the big screen. It's a great way to celebrate and build awareness for what you do!

Businesses! Celebrate Canada’s 150th with impact. Support the reaffirmation ceremony, demonstrate your love of country and community, and align your brand to the nation’s 150-year celebration. Lot of great opportunity for prominent placement and recognition. Contact to find out how to sponsor and be involved!

Don't Eat Ribs?! Not a problem! We've got Toronto's best Halal Food Truck - The Holy Grill - coming too, so everyone eats well!

Tweet or Tell Us a "Proud to Pledge" Story

Share something that makes you proud of Canada! Describe it in a few words, and we'll feature it in the lead up to and during Toronto Ribfest. TWEET it to us at @proudtopledge or email us at Proud of Canada Moment (We'll publish your first name only unless agree for us to use your full name). Thanks and see you on June 30!


The celebration starts at 4:30 PM at the south stage of the Toronto Ribfest, and music, special guests and inspiration! We anticipate the group Oath to take place just after 5 PM.

Celebration Features...

Co-Host Ali Hassan. We're excited to welcome Ali Hassan (stand-up comedian, actor, chef, and radio & television celebrity, who completed a nation-wide tour of his one-man show "Muslim Interrupted" this Spring) as our ceremony co-host.

Young singing sensation Martina Luis Ortiz. Toronto Maple Leafs anthem singer and recording artist, Martina will be bringing her band and then giving us all the "shivers" when we sing the anthem together.

Sign Up! (It's FREE. Get Perks!)

Everyone can attend whether you sign up or not, but if you sign up, you'll have an opportunity to get more information and a few more "perks" of the event. Plus, it's FREE - so why not!.

Sign up as an Individual or Group. A "group" can be a family, company, community organization, club, whatever(!) in which someone signs up everyone. The ceremony is a great team-building opportunity. Plus, community groups and charities that attend will be recognized from the stage. Select...

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