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Please tell us a little about yourself

We need volunteers to help in the following areas. Except where noted below, the first shift starts at 11 a.m. Please indicate at least 3 areas that interest you most. We will make every effort to assign you to your preferred job but in the end must place volunteers where they are most needed.
For information on getting your Smart Serve, please contact Liz Read, Volunteer Coordinator

*We appreciate all volunteer support. However, we particular need and value volunteers for our evening shifts and on Canada Day.

*A Bonus: Volunteers who work two shifts in a day will receive a coupon for free Ribs or other vendor food.

*Please help! We are working with a basic system and cannot confirm or remind you of your chosen shifts. Please keep a record of the days and times you have signed up for.

Register for volunteer shifts!

The event runs for 4 days, and we operate 3 shifts. Please indicate with an X when you would like to volunteer. Remember that some start times differ!

You can volunteer for as many shifts as you like - but please sign up for only those shifts that you can do. We are counting on you!

We also need help on two additional days to help with setting up and taking down the site. Could you help us:

A few more things

Please read carefully the 2 pieces of information attached.
Information for Volunteers
Tips for Getting to Toronto Ribfest

Also, print off the Waiver form, sign it and bring it with you.
Waiver Form

Thank you for your help. We look forward to working with you!

Questions? Contact Liz Read, Volunteer Coordinator

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